冷凍配送 Frozen dumpling series

Cabbage cooked dumplings

Selected fresh pork and fresh vegetables to make heart,
Nutrition experts will carefully prepare for you to meet the tastes and nutritional needs of Chinese people, and take care of the health of your whole family.
Various preparation methods are availa
  • Product specifications
    1700g (about 100 tablets)
  • Commodity ingredients
    Flour, cabbage, water, pork, soy protein (not genetically modified), shallots, sesame oil (soybean oil, sesame oil), soy sauce, salt, ginger, sugar, pepper
  • Food Additives
    Flavoring agent (L-sodium gluten), emulsifier (fatty acid glyceride, fatty acid sucrose ester), quality improver (D-sorbitol), binding agent [sodium pyrophosphate (anhydrous), sodium polyphosphate], compound flavor ( Flavors, natural flavors, medium-chain
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  • edible method
    Put an appropriate amount of water in the pot, add the dumplings after boiling, add a bowl of water when the second and third waters boil, continue to cook for 2 minutes, wait until the dumplings rise and serve
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Cabbage cooked dumplings