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Home delivery gourmet dumplings recommendation-Hermes in the dumpling world!


Recommend gourmet dumplings for home delivery! I believe there are many people who like to eat dumplings like us~ "Zhenxiang Food" is a time-honored domestic and foreign food factory with a history of more than 60 years in Chiayi. Its products are sold in all major supermarkets such as Quanlian and Quanjia. Edamame is recommended by many people! But the big dumplings we ate today can only be bought on the official website. You can enjoy it easily by delivering it to your home. Each dumpling is bite-sized and cannot be stuffed in. Basically, one is worth three traditional dumplings. No wonder it is known as the Hermes in the dumpling world. The shape of dumplings is super beautiful, just like ingots, they are also very suitable as new year goods.