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Congratulations!! Chenhsiang won the first place in the soup pot category in the 2021 "Apple Daily" Annual Food Comp


Welcome the Year of the Ox! The "Apple" Supplement announced the new year's food appraisal in the supermarket. This year, including Carrefour, RT-Mart, Aimai, Quanlian, Wellcome Dinghao Supermarket, Meilianshe, JASONS Market Place, and city'super launched a total of 339 new-year dishes. After deducting the unsuccessful items, the actual taste of 330 dishes was 90% 7. The mass-market supermarket group tried 9 categories of vegetarian food, seafood, soup pot soup, meat, Buddha jumped over the wall, poultry, set meal, staple food, and snacks. The food experts Xu Tianlin, Zhang Lirong, and Tao Lijun were judged by food experts. 40 points according to taste, 30 points for price, appearance and Reheat 15 points each, a total of 100 points for evaluation.

The first place in the soup category is the Zhenxiang Health Zhen Mushroom Chicken sold by Carrefour. The soup is fragrant and flavorful, and the meat quality is also good. It scored 80 points. (Pinden Lai/Report from Taipei)

Taken from the Apple Daily Internet report: