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Chung Hua University and Chenhsiang food industry cooperation signed Adds new opportunities for Golden Cordyceps Abalone


Since the beginning of the frozen conditioning field, Cheng-Hsiang Foods has been deeply engaged in food processing for 60 years. It has a series of foods such as traditional cuisine, Hong Kong-style dim sum, frozen vegetables and room temperature chicken soup. It is constantly innovating and developing exquisiteness in the direction of deliciousness, relaxation and health. Food, of which frozen edamame is exported to Japan, the United States, Canada, the European Union, the Middle East and other countries.
In addition to preserving traditional flavors, Zhenxiang Foods also attaches great importance to product quality. It has won the Taiwanese Council of Agriculture CAS, ISO 22000, HACCP and other high-quality certifications. In recent years, it has successively passed the BRC of the Great Britain Association of Retailers and the US SQF inspections. Level 3 verification, double cleanliness labels, etc., are in line with international high quality assurance standards and prove that product quality has reached the highest international standards.